Join an upcoming workshop

Get Shortlisted Land the Job

May 2021


I am organising a new online cohort and it’s now open for pre-registration.

It’s going to be bold, to the point, and will definitely bring you results.


For who?

It’s aimed for jobseekers that know exactly what they want but for some reason can’t  seem to get to the shortlist, an interview or a job offer.


What will we do?

We we’ll go from zero to a solid job interview in 8 weeks. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll personally continue helping you until you get one.


What will you learn?

  • How to read the job ad to maximise results
  • How to create a new magnetic resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile
  • How to execute a job search strategy that brings results (Online and offline)
  • How to best organise your week for success
  • Take advantage of my templates, resources and weekly meetups.

How does it works?

  •  We kick-off Monday 10 May 2021.
  • We meet every Monday from 19-20pm online for eight weeks to clear up doubts, report on progress and learn from each other.
  • Work is done in between sessions.