We can go through life like a seed in the wind, going wherever it takes you, or we can live with intention, knowing what our piece of the puzzle looks like and where to best make it fit.

There are two ways to get a job.

My method is all about the second way. It’s about going straight to places where we know we will fit.

When you know what your piece of the puzzle looks like (And you can explain it clearly), it’s much easier to see where it fits or doesn’t fit in the puzzle.

Do any of the following statements reflect where you are right now with your desire to find a job that excites you?

❏  I don’t know where to start.

❏  I’m not sure if I should invest in other credentials like a specific certification or learning a oreign language.

❏  I don’t feel like I have what it takes to make a career in this industry.

❏  I don’t have a network. How will I land a job I like without knowing anyone?

❏  I have no idea how to write cover letters aor how to craft a magnetic and solid resume.

❏  I’m overwhelmed from all of the information available to me and all the things I need to do.

❏  The fear of failure is stopping me from moving forward and making the jump.

❏  I’m afraid of wasting my time and money and ruining my previous career track record

❏  I am afraid of losing the security of a job I hate.

If all of the above. Also OK.

The first step towards landing a great job is to gain clarity on your professional value. 

The second step is to translate it into a story that  others can relate to.

I call this “Knowing what your piece of the puzzle is.”

When others see your piece, they will be able to see if it fits with theirs or be able to help you see where you fit within their network.

Fulfilment isn’t a synonym for happiness.​ 

All kinds of things make us happy at work. Hitting a sales goal, getting a promotion, landing a new client, you name it.

Yet, happiness is temporary. It’s fleeting. Nobody walks around energised by the memory of a target they reached six months ago. That intensity passes with time.

Happiness comes from WHAT we do. 

Fulfilment comes from WHY we do it.

To your success!

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