If you are actively looking for a job, you need to make it easy.

First, make it easy for yourself to get noticed. Secondly, make it easy for your network and ultimately the hiring managers to understand your value to them.

Every week, whether it be on LinkedIN or Facebook, I see people reaching out to their networks with a message similar to this:

“Hello everyone! I am looking for a job. I have experience in Marketing. I worked mainly at NGOs and at the University but I am open to any and all jobs. I speak English and Spanish. I am a team player, results-driven and hard-worker. Any help or connection would be immensely appreciated. Let me know if you have a lead so I can send you my CV. Thank you!”

If you are active in these networks, chances are you’ve seen them as well.

There are several reasons why a message like this might bring little to no results. In my opinion, the main problem with these type of messages is that:

a) It’s very generic and uses vague language
Marketing is a really broad field. What aspects of Marketing is this person experienced in? What are they good at? What are some objective examples of success and responsibilities? Words like “Team player” “Results-driven” and “hard-worker” are things anyone can tell and think of themselves. But how can you show you are one, with a personal story that only YOU can tell and shows who you are?

b) It looks to the past.
Just because you did something before doesn’t mean you were good at it or that you still like it and want to continue doing it in the future. Right? In parallel, it tells what this person has done before, but not what drives him to get out of bed everyday and work towards the future. What is this person passionate about? What contribution do they want to make moving forward?

c) It puts the effort on the reader
The reader will have to invest time and energy in learning more about this job seeker. The onus is squarely on them to actively reach out to ask for the CV, wait to receive it, and then see if what is reflected in the CV could be a potential fit to the position they have in mind. The reader needs to think really hard about how that person could be useful and furthermore how that person’s work ethic would reflect back on them.

d) It takes, instead of gives
In this case, this message is projecting a scenario in which the messenger only speaks about his own gain. There is absolutely no context for the reader to understand: “Ok. What is in it for me or the people I know?”

So if you want to have better results, you need to create resonance.

Resonance is, in this case, connecting the dots for the reader. In doing so, the reader is stimulated by similarities between the message of the job seeker and the potential job opportunities that have crossed their path, or the people they know who might benefit from what the job seeker has to offer. The job seeker has created interest and made it easier for others to understand their value.

So, consider doing this instead:

1) Be specific about the problems you solve, how you solve them, and what results you bring.

2) Write forward looking, sparking curiosity, and showing your passion.

3) Incite the reader to action in at least 2-3 ways and be approachable.

4) Focus on the give part, not the take.

An improved variation of the same approach could be:

“Many organisations in 2021 will continue to struggle creating brand awareness and generating leads, which means their marketing will need to step up. I help NGOs and universities to streamline their marketing messages and activate their funnel so that they can engage with the right audiences at the right time.This will help them attract better donors and students for their programs. My name is Carlos, I speak both English and Spanish, and I’m usually the type of person that can crack a good joke and get some smiles in the Monday Morning meeting before the 9 am coffee.  I am looking to connect with organisations that need Marketing support and really want to make a difference and 

Do you know someone who might need this type of support and I can have a “virtual coffee” with?

If you do: please tag them in the comments, reach out via a DM or feel free to shoot a crossed email so we can talk.

If curious about my track record and what I can do, here’s my LinkedIN”.

Give it a try right now. See what happens.

Also, If from now onwards you come across someone openly reaching out to their network with a generic message, which is past looking, puts the efforts on the reader and focuses on taking rather than giving, consider doing these three things:

  • Ask them some clarifying questions to help them be more specific on showing their value.
  • Invite them to read this blog.
  • Like and share their post after they answer to you.

Your support to them might make a huge difference in their job search.

To your success!

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