The best way to perform during an interview is to clearly articulate and get your point across on these three things:

Organisations hire people to solve problems. 

If you can make it clear that you understand the problem(s) really well, you’re motivated and  want to solve it and you have the evidence or proof that you can do it, chances are you’ll be shortlisted as a suitable candidate. 

If you generate enough trust and can also showcase that the value you’ll bring to the organisation is more than what they’re offering in terms of salary, more so than the other candidates applying, the job will be yours. 

So how do you show you want it?

There are multiple things that can motivate you about a job opportunity. 

So first get clarity on your true motivators.

Here is a list of some of 25 areas that might excite you about a position or organisation. 

You could identify two or three that excite you the most and have them present when “showing that you want it” to include in your responses: 

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Impact
  4. Values
  5. Customers 
  6. Stakeholders 
  7. Industry / Competition
  8. Challenges
  9. Responsability
  10. Problems
  11. Objectives
  12. Key results 
  13. Improvements 
  14. Manager
  15. Team
  16. Department
  17. Office
  18. Perks
  19. Personal development (Skills)
  20. Career
  21. Responsibilities
  22. Recognition
  23. Salary
  24. Benefits package
  25. Security

Check out my blog “ Six tips to land a great job faster in 2021” to learn about gaining clarity in who you are, what you want and what you do and most importantly, how to communicate that succinctly. 

Hiring managers aren’t mind readers.

You have to show people who you are and spell out for them what you bring to the table.

How to bring it all together

The e-payments industry is moving fast with changes happening every week and new competitors taking market share furiously. 

The objective to reach 25% of the market share is super exciting, and sales is fascinating because of how it is constantly evolving and requires more creativity and empathy than ever before.  

As someone who has always been highly competitive, I have closely followed the sales tactics between your company and competitors A and B and I’ve learned a lot about the methods that really work (and not so much) in this industry and would love to do this for you. 

My interest in sales stems from the lessons learned in my first startup, where I learned about what makes a sales team sustainable and scalable, and how a lean approach can bring the best results. I’d love to be part of a team where I can apply this knowledge in a hands-on way, and can also work side by side with someone of your track record, which I’ve been following since two years now. 

I hope to use this knowledge to eventually lead a team of my own and help your company not only hit the market goal but also reach and surpass its revenue objectives so we can scale beyond next year.

So during your next round of interviews, make sure you let them know you want it. And if you don’t really want it, make sure you let the process go and focus on another opportunity.

To your success!

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