The best way to perform during an interview is to clearly articulate and get your point across on these three things:

Organisations hire people to solve problems. 

If you can make it clear that you understand the problem(s) really well, you’re motivated and want to solve it and you have the evidence or proof that you can do it, chances are you’ll be shortlisted as a suitable candidate. 

If you generate enough trust and can also showcase that the value you’ll bring to the organisation is more than what they’re offering in terms of salary, more so than the other candidates applying, the job will be yours. 

So how do you show you can do it?

Every job requires a specific set of skills and brings with it distinct responsibilities. However, many times, the most skilled person for the job on paper isn’t always the one that gets hired. Why? Because aside from technical competencies, there also needs to be a values fit which goes well with the organisation you are wanting to work for.

Technical fit

  • Core competencies
  • Experience
  • Ability

Values fit

  • Mindset
  • Values
  • Conduct

Perhaps you have heard of the adage that the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. But checkin in with your present and showcasing a picture of what you are aiming your future to look like is as important.  

Your employment history tells a story about what you regard are highly important in your life. 

This can be reflected, for example, in a gap in your history where you left your job to fulfill a lifelong dream or that you stayed in a position that wasn’t ideal but the team had an amazing synergy together that made it enjoyable to come into work every day. It can also showcase the things you were responsible for or the achievements you showcase in the projects you’ve loved the most. 

Your evidence or proof that “you can do it” comes in the form of a combination of your hard and soft skills, your experiences and solid examples that you have prepared in advance that showcase what you can do, how you think, problem solve and keep the bottomline in mind. 

How to bring it all together:

“As I understand it, you are looking for someone that can help bring in new projects, that have fresh ideas in response to client briefs and that can also come up with spot-on concepts that are exciting and correspond with the organisation’s goals, timelines and budget.

At my previous job, I was Creative Director for the biggest client-first consumer facing storefront. I was tasked with directing a team of designers, UI/UX experts, and copywriters to meet the goal of launching in time for Q3. The results were presented at the stakeholders meeting, but also met the goal of increasing membership and revenue. By keeping the goals and timelines in mind, we were able to hone in and direct our concept to best match these requirements without going over budget. As a result, the client grew their number of registered users by 25% resulting in 2.1 million new users as well as exceeding their Q3 financial projections.

While you are looking for someone that can pitch big clients, it might be good to know that I have worked and pitched clients both large (Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, etc.) and small. I have an intimate knowledge of how to deliver big creative concepts on most any budget. While it is easy to dream when the sky’s the limit, knowing end-to-end processes and what it takes to deliver on these ideas realistically is key. I also value efficiency and transparency, so making sure every euro on our budget goes a long way and that the team is accountable for its results will be one of my top priorities. 

Being in tech and digital for so long, and working with global companies at scale, has given me a unique perspective on how to execute on new and innovative concepts.”

So during your next round of interviews, make sure you let them know you can do it. And if you can’t really do it, make sure you let the process go and focus on another opportunity.

To your success!

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