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Land a great job faster

Follow this step-by-step online method to clarify your value, engage with hiring managers and get shortlisted so you can land a great job, faster.

Eliminate confusion and uncertainty.

Get your confidence and energy back.

Get shortlisted and thrive.

Does any of these sound like you?

Get access to the Get Shortlisted (Land the job) method now so you can quickly start sending job applications that hiring managers want to read and respond to by inviting you to the interview.

How does it work?

Choose your own beat

Select the pace that best aligns with your current situation, clarity and urgency.

Follow the lessons

The short lessons serve to break things down into bite-sized pieces you can actually manage.

Do the exercises

Each lesson brings concrete exercises to putty in motion and examples so you are sure you are doing it right.

Benefit from my best templates

Make the best of your time and energy. Use all the examples, resources and templates to master a resume, a LinkedIn profile, reach out templates or a cover letter in no time.

Get the check-ins.

I’ll nudge you if you get stuck so you can move forward.

Get support from the community

Get in touch with intelligent, capable and motivated people. Receive inspiration and extra support while creating valuable connections.

What will you learn?

All of it packed in three simple steps and six powerful modules


  • Clarify your purpose.
  • Simplify your message.
  • Improve your professional story.
  • Define who you are.
  • Stand out from the pack.
  • Master the skills to create a solid resume, an inviting LinkedIn profile and an engaging cover letter.
  • Do it once and never worry about this again.
  • Come across well online, in paper and face to face.


  • Craft a winning job search strategy, both online and offline. 
  • Tap into the unknown job market.
  • Take advantage of templates and tactics that will open doors for you.
  • Cast out your net and surprise yourself with the results.


  • Get invited to job interviews and show up full of confidence and enthusiasm, not desperation.
  • Know how to prepare the right way.
  • Become sharp, concise and clear when asking for what you want and what you deserve.
  • Get shortlisted and land the job.

Will it work for you?

Everyone looking for a job shares these two things in their unique and specific degree: clarity and urgency.


This time-honoured method has worked for hundreds of jobseekers like you. It’s backed by 15+ years of experience. Benefit from my very best resume, cover letter, and email templates and examples for you to use. Either if you are actively looking for a job and not getting results, or you are about to kickstart your job search, this method will work for you.

What will you get?

You are here for a reason.

Get training, templates, support, and everything you need to get shortlisted and land a great job, faster.


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned through 15+ years of combined experience in Marketing, Storytelling, Management, Personal branding and Recruitment and distilled it into an easy-to-follow, actionable training course that walks you through the entire process of the job search and hiring process.


 It’s everything you need to do to get yourself shortlisted and landing a great job, faster. 


To your success!


Alvaro de Salvo 

Mr. Cover Letter

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Mr. Cover Letter has helped hundreds of job seekers land great jobs at unicorns, corporations, startups, universities and non-profit organisations.

Frequenty asked questions

Accordion Content

It’s important that you are able to devote time and energy to the course if you join. You should plan on spending at least 5 hours per week going over the lessons, doing the exercises and significantly more than that if you are already actively job searching. If you can’t realistically make that commitment right now, consider doing the course at later date. The time listed next to each module is the minimum estimated time you’ll spend reading and working through every exercise. This includes the time you’ll spend building your resume, writing your cover letter, and practicing for interviews. Please keep in mind these are only estimates so it could take you more or less time depending on how much effort you put into your job search.

Unfortunately no, this course doesn’t guarantee a job. Job searching is hard work and there is no magic bullet. People usually want things quick and easy, but that’s not usually how it works. This course will provide you with a method to keep your efforts organised and drastically improve the impact of your actions.. Eventually you will get a job and I am certain that what you learn here will help you succeed. However, timing depends on multiple factors, like your experience, career stage, attitude and luck. Ultimately it is up to you to spend time building your resume/cover letter/LinkedIn profile, reach out to hiring managers, apply to jobs, and practice interviewing. Your efforts will pay off if you diligently work through the course.

No, Mr. Cover Letter does not require any software, other than an Internet browser, to run the course and a text editor so you can take advantage of all the templates.

Once you’ve enrolled and paid, you’ll have lifetime access to the course! You can always go back and review at any point in your career!

Act now and receive these three bonuses for free

#1 - Social Media Kit

This is for the jobseeker who wants to leverage the power of stories without the feeling of “What should I write about today?”. The Mr. Cover Letter social media kit is perfect for jobseekers who don’t want just random posts but actually want to connect with their network in meaningful ways.

You can choose from over two months of prompts based on your core abilities, objectives and problems you solve.

#2 - Outreach strategy

The six steps that will help you turn strangers into valuable connections in your network. The Mr. Cover Letter outreach strategy will leverage your job search strategy so you can connect with hiring managers and actually get results. Whether it’s via LinkedIn, email, telephone or face to face, learn to leverage to follow the right steps so you can expand your network so target companies respond and offer you job interviews.

#3 - Job search organiser

In today’s job market, it’s not uncommon to submit applications for many positions. That involves lots of time, and it’s a lot to keep track of. You don’t want to squander those precious hours by missing important application deadlines, garbling companies and positions, confusing interview times, or forgetting to follow up. Accordingly, properly organising and managing your job search is just as important as identifying job opportunities and submitting your application. Learn to organise your efforts for the best results.

Join the club

Whether you get access to a course, join a workshop or work with one-on-one coaching, you will also get access to a growing and supportive community of high impact professional and like-minded people.