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The problem

Looking for a job is time-consuming and frustrating. Many people struggle in articulating their motivation in a cover letter. It isn’t easy to talk about ourselves; we don’t want to underplay our experience or come across as bragging. Writing a cover letter can be intimidating or we end up reiterating our resume. It’s only later that we come to realise that it didn’t showcase our value nor resonated with the position we applied for, when we hear that they have selected another candidate, worse yet, never hear anything back. 

The solution

Let’s take the intimidation out of writing cover letters and learn how to tell your story in a way that becomes irresistible to hiring managers. Learn the secrets to building each section of your cover letter step-by-step, and arm yourself with the tools and know-how to write about yourself, convey your value and introduce yourself in a professional yet personal way that will make your cover letter stand out from all the others.

What you will learn

  • Five big mistakes you are probably making in your cover letter (3:12)
  • The main objective of a cover letter (9:15)
  • Design and layout (3:51)
  • The five paragraphs for success (24:33)
  • The most common errors you need to avoid (7:58)
  • What to do once you finished your draft (5:48)


A lifelong entrepreneur and learner, Alvaro de Salvo, Mr. Cover Letter himself, will teach you the skills you need to land a great job, faster.. Alvaro has been on both sides of the table. As a job seeker, he’s felt first-hand the frustration of a failing job search. Years later, as a hiring manager himself, he reviewed thousands of job applications and has gained a thorough understanding of what hiring managers are looking for as well as what makes or breaks a job application.

Since the launch of Mr. Cover Letter in 2017, hundreds of hopeful job seekers have landed great jobs at unicorns, corporations, startups, universities, and nonprofits.

Alvaro helps job seekers stand out from the crowd, clarify their value, tell their story, engage with hiring managers, and get job interviews and (best of all) job offers. Drawing on 15+ years of experience in marketing, entrepreneurship, and management, his pragmatic approach provides actionable insights, tools, and coaching to help people thrive and land a great job, faster.