Mr. Cover Letter

Five signs it's time to finally invest in yourself

The coaching programs


You have a job, but you are in need of a change although not quite sure on how to move on. You want to take the time to reflect on your core abilities, your future alternatives and want to take the time to reflect and focus before starting your job search.
  • Six coaching sessions (60 min) and two check-ins (20 min)
  • Connect your past with your present and your future
  • Revamp your materials (Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter)
  • Define an executable networking strategy
  • Define an executable job search strategy
  • Interview and negotiation preparation


You have clarity on what you want but you are facing challenges in getting a job interview or offer. You want to get results quickly. You want to learn how to finally create rock solid job applications that impress hiring managers and how to perform well at the interview.
  • Three coaching sessions (60 min)
  • How to read the job ad for maximum results
  • How to craft a magnetic Resume/Linkedin/Cover letter
  • Define an executable job search strategy
  • Interview and negotiation preparation
  • We'll submit a full application together

The single sessions


You are dealing with a particular challenge and you want input from an expert. Maybe you want to discuss your materials, or get reassurance on your specific situation. Maybe you want interview preparation, outline a networking strategy or learn negotiation approaches.
  • One coaching session (60 min)
  • Address specific challenges you are facing
  • Follow up action plan


You suspect your presentation materials might be playing against you. You would like to receive specific pointers and suggestions on how to improve them. You want direct written feedback on your resume and cover letter and examples on how to do them well.
  • Written feedback on your resume
  • Written feedback on your cover letter
  • Checklist on all the things you need to have in mind

Invest in yourself

Choose for no more sleepless nights, tossing and turning on the mattress while revisiting all your life choices.


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During the free discovery call, we’ll get to clarify your goals, get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.


Level up

Get crystal clear clarity on your value, ignite your professional story and job search strategy, strategy, and gain networking and interviewing skills for success.


Get shortlisted

Get invited to job interviews and show up full of confidence and enthusiasm so you can land the job.

Hi, I'm Alvaro

Also known as Mr. Cover Letter, I’ve been at both sides of the table, both as a jobseeker and a hiring manager.


I know what it feels like to be frustrated, slogging my way through job boards and submitting application after application in desperation. After making some drastic and profound changes to the way I was doing things, I found myself on the other side of the hiring process, as a hiring manager myself. 


It’s how I now know exactly what hiring managers are looking for when they screen for potential candidates. I’ve seen my old mistakes played out time and time again by jobseekers.  What started as a fun nickname amongst friends soon stuck and Mr. Cover Letter became my official channel to help even more people. 


Today, it’s my mission: to support one million professionals to find and secure a job where they can thrive, before 2030. It’s why I created Mr. Cover Letter and why I can help you too.

Alvaro smiling at camera

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