Mr. Cover Letter

Career Calibrator Canvas

Are you currently professionally stuck or bored out in at your job? Unsure on how to move forward your career or where to start looking for a next step?

The Career Calibrator Canvas is a tool to systematically connect your past achievements, your present skills, and your future ambitions so you can move your career forward with confidence. 



Gain clarity on your strengths, interests and profesional purpose

Define an exploratory 

path for a successful 

Show up with confidence and move forward with enthusiasm

Harvest your past

  • Reflect on your education and learning experiences
  • Go over your professional experiences, internships and volunteer work
  • Harvest your best professional achievements

> Think about your past in ways that can help you extract your value so you can bring it forward with you in your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. More importantly, in your storytelling and your next career move.

Connect with your present

  • Check in with your current values
  • Discover your superpower and what makes you unique
  • Get clear on your technical and people skills
  • Spot your saboteurs and your growth areas
  • Regroup your strengths for a brighter future

> Check in with who you are today, and reflect on how you can use all your current strengths to move forward your path with confidence. 

Explore your future

  • Clarify your professional purpose
  • Understand what problems you want to solve next
  • Outline the roles you could explore according to your current skills and future ambitions.
  • Identify what you want from an organisation

> Get crystal clear on what you want for your future and what you have to offer. Show up full of confidence and enthusiasm. Knock their socks off and land your next career move. 

Hi, I'm Alvaro

Also known as Mr. Cover Letter, I’ve been at both sides of the table, both as a jobseeker and a hiring manager.


I know what it feels like to be frustrated, slogging my way through job boards and submitting application after application in desperation. After making some drastic and profound changes to the way I was doing things, I found myself on the other side of the hiring process, as a hiring manager myself. 


It’s how I now know exactly what hiring managers are looking for when they screen for potential candidates. I’ve seen my old mistakes played out time and time again by jobseekers.  What started as a fun nickname amongst friends soon stuck and Mr. Cover Letter became my official channel to help even more people. 


Today, it’s my mission: to support one million professionals to find and secure a job where they can thrive, before 2030. It’s why I created Mr. Cover Letter and the Career Calibrator Canvas and why I can help you too.

Alvaro smiling at camera