Mr. Cover Letter

The 1 million mission

Because one million people thriving in their careers can change the world.


Before 2030, Mr. Cover Letter will support one million professionals land a job in which they can thrive. 

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. That’s a third of your life.


I believe the world is a better place when people’s values are truly aligned with those of the organisation they work for. Where people wake up inspired and confident, feel secure and heard, and thrive in the work they do.


I support purposeful professionals to get more clarity, focus and accountability so they can commence their job search with confidence. I support them using a proven and time-honoured method that best portrays their professional story. With a shift in their perspective and attitudes, they create engaging job applications that will get them invited to interviews, leading to landing a great job, faster.


My mission is to support you in your journey towards meaningful work that you will thrive in.

Alvaro holding a camera and a laptop

What's my superpower?

I see people’s potential. 


I support them in articulating their strengths and transforming those strengths into their unique story, one that opens doors to the places they want to work for.


I keep them accountable and motivated until they get to where they want to be.

I’ve been on both sides of the table

As a jobseeker

When my career was just starting out, and later when I decided to pursue a life in the Netherlands, I’d sent hundreds of job applications and experienced rejection time and time again.  


I had a generic employment story, multiple career pivots, worked abroad and held positions where the working languages were not my native language. I felt like I had the cards stacked against me while I was trying to carve out a new life and career for myself in unknown territory.


After yet another impersonal “thanks but no thanks” rejection email, I decided that I needed to change my approach and strategy because what I had been doing clearly wasn’t working.


It took quite some time to develop an effective strategy, but once I had, I found myself getting hired by a company I had been dreaming of working for, in a position where I thrived for many years. Eventually, I became the to-go guy for my friends and soon Mr. Cover Letter became a reality. It’s what I devote myself to every day now. Helping people that are stuck, just as I once was, to get unstuck and thrive.

As a hiring manager

During my career, I’ve also been many times, on the other side of the table. Recruiting for my foundation or projects, designing volunteer programs, creating partnering internships with universities, being part of hiring panels, and multiple times designing, hiring and managing teams myself.


I’ve reviewed countless resumes and cover letters, and I’ve seen the same mistakes played out time and again. I know how successful job seekers position themselves and know how recruiters and hiring managers look for when screening candidates.


With Mr. Cover Letter, I use all this knowledge and put it to fair use to help craft a bridge between both sides.


Drawing from 15+ years of experience in business, marketing and communication, goal setting, storytelling, recruiting, management, strategy and execution, I’ll give you actionable insights, concrete tools and specific feedback so you can unearth the path towards a great job you love.

My promise to you

Land a great job, faster.